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Dubai to Yenda one last hicup 31.07.2011
Dubai, hot and hotter, except in the mall 26.07.2011
Roma, our final look 26.07.2011
Roma, our final look 26.07.2011
Goodbye Positano, we return to Roma 25.07.2011
Amalfi Coast, scenery and adventure 25.07.2011
Positano, 442 steps down to the beach 22.07.2011
Ciao Roma! Benvenuti Positano! 22.07.2011
Rome, ruined in the morning, saved in the afternoon 20.07.2011
Rome, special Monday 19.07.2011
Old Rome, a tourist cyclone 18.07.2011
Goodbye Lisbon, Benvenuti Rome! 17.07.2011
Lisbon, Explored the very old, stayed in the new 17.07.2011
Alcobaca, incredible Monastery 17.07.2011
Beja to Alcobaca 17.07.2011
Beja, not a major tourist spot 17.07.2011
Beja 200kmSE of Lisbon 13.07.2011
Leaving Spain,welcome Lisbon,Portugal 12.07.2011
Castellon, relaxing on the beach 10.07.2011
Valencia, home of oranges 10.07.2011
Lleida to Valencia, on the seniors train 09.07.2011
Lleida, not on the tourist route 09.07.2011
Train ride to Lleida 07.07.2011
Bye Paris, Hello Barcelona 07.07.2011
Paris, stuck in traffic 05.07.2011
Paris, the high life 05.07.2011
Off to Paris 02.07.2011
Secrets of Leiden 01.07.2011
Ede, a quiet place 01.07.2011
Enkhuizen to Ede 30.06.2011
Enkhuizen, Netherlands 27.06.2011
Enkuizen, netherlands 26.06.2011
Exploring the city of Amsterdam 25.06.2011
Amsterdam 24.06.2011
Bangkok 5.30am 24.06.2011
Dubai airport 23.06.2011
Dubai airport 23.06.2011
Today is the day 22.06.2011
Ash cloud 21.06.2011
Still planning and packing 19.06.2011