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Enkhuizen, Netherlands

sunny 27 °C


In the morning Peter and I parted ways, Peter went with Kees to tour Enza Seeds whilst I wandered the streets. I walked around the canal levee. A very pleasant walk,scattered alongside the levee are community gardens. A very busy area with people hoeing,weeding and picking produce. The gardens are very well maintained. Pity we don't see this kind of community projects in Griffith or Yenda (must bring it up at the next Yenda Progress Association).

Shopping was not really an option has many shops are closed on Monday morning restocking from weekend trade and also an opportunity to wash the windows. The only businesses opened in the morning are the baker, fruit shop, Ice Creamery & Cafes.

I met Peter & Kees at the Museum- Land and Water where Kees' wife Lenny works as tour guide. After lunch Lenny gave us a tour of the museum. It is an open park museum opened in 1983. The park contains a vast collection of buildings and objects from the region. The Park is divided into a number of districts. Each district is reconstructed from actual buildings dismantled from their original location & reconstructed in the Park. Buildings from the same village are grouped according to purpose - urban canal, church district including the shopping area eg:- baker, pharmacist, grocer etc.and fishing village. Many of the shops are "working" with volunteers running the stores as they would have over 100 years ago.

Enkhuizen has been operating as a city for over 400 years and as a fishing settlement for some thousands of years, with a bronze age settlement recently found. The town made most of it's money in the 1600 's & 1700's from the trading of spice from the East Indies and ship building. Now tourism, farming and seed industries keep it going but with the current poor economy, things are not so good just now.
We have contributed to the economy by frequenting the harbour-side bars and restaurants, enjoying a quiet Heineken or wine. Doesn't get much more relaxing than that, sitting by the water watching the yachts coming in. Sue doesn't think much of the Spanish or French red wines that she's had so far.

Nice & warm today, maybe 27c, the locals are suffering and plenty are sitting outside their homes, or messing about in their boats on the canals enjoying the cool of the evening.

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Enkuizen, netherlands

semi-overcast 24 °C

Sun June 26th,  Enkhuizen, Netherlands

We only had the morning as we were travelling north to Enkhuizen at midday. We caught the tram to the end of Deiham line. The end lof the line here meant to the outskirts of the industrial area. Back on the next tram to Rembrandt square, walked around the Flower market, to find a great range of flowering bulbs. One of the interesting things was a tin which had the soil n seeds to grow the miniature orange fruit tree. The city square was a little tired looking, after the previous evening activities.

We caught the train at midday to Enkhuizen, a lovely hour journey through farm land.  Disappointing though only saw one windmill, though many wind farms. Enkhuizen whilst it has an agricultural influence it is a seaside town with a keen interest in sailing and very expensive leisure boats. A very old town some buildings dated 1300's. Narrow cobbled streets again pedestrians share the streets with vehicles,bikes, motorbikes and horses.  We had a few ales whilst watching the boats sail in. We could have purchased one for $200,000, not on this trip! 

As you walk along the street you are able to see into people's living areas,  with the houses built very close to the street and no front yard, pressure to be house proud! Enkhuizen dog friendly town, many dogs of all shapes and sizes.We saw many people partaking in a wine food tour-Amuse Tour,walking the streets with a wine glass and stopping to sample food and wine, a very popular activity.

Staying at the De Koepoort Hotel ( the Cow Gate) next to the old toll gate where farmers entering the old city were charged a fee each time they entered to sell their produce. 
The area is home to many of the Dutch seed companies, with lots of greenhouses and field trials around the town outskirts.

Finally warmed up with mostly sunny and not much wind, maybe 24c

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Exploring the city of Amsterdam

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25 June 2011, Amsterdam

Raining almost all day and quite cool however this did not spoil a good day.

We spent the morning walking around. Wandered through the flower market, with lots of displays of fresh cut flowers, huge arrange of bulbs, veggie n flower seeds and lotta of Knick knacks. After walking around for a fewhours we sought shelter in a coffee shop where the young lass gave us tips on what to do on a wet cool Amsterdam day. We wandered around the flea market, many goods that you would find at a typical market; clothing - used n new, knick knacks, souvenirs, bags. In another section of town a dedicated produce n food market lots of yummy cheeses, pastries etc.

Walking around the streets can be quite hazardous, you need to look out for cars,trams, motorbikes n cyclists, even pedestrian crossings are not safe path to take when crossing the road. there are appprox. 700,000 people in the city and approx 1.3mil bikes. It is obviously the preferred mode of transport, no helmets required and there are many bikeswith a compartment onto front of the bike for either groceries or children. They say the canals are 3 m deep - 1 m mud, 1m water & 1 m old pushbikes.

The funniest thing we saw today was a trailer fitted with ten peddle bikes which the passengers had to peddle for the trailer to move, so this was their mode of transport. It was Tourist activity and it was fitted with a beer keg so the passengers could drink as they peddled the streets which are not all flat so they earnt their ale. One of the trailers we saw had all the passengers dressed in super hero costumes.

We took a 1.5 hour canal tour which took us through the new n old part of the city. The guide we had was not that good just gave us the basic Information, so would probably recommend recorded tour instead.

It is now 10.30pm and just on dark, very errors! We had tea in Rembrandt square and walked through the red light district, lots of people, many drunk, ladies standing in window displays encouraging the lads to join them. Very busy place, Lots of bars, eateries, sex theatre shows something for all it seems except for families!

Made good use of our travel card, just jump on and off the trams as we want and never have to wait more than a few minutes for the next one. Clean, new and pretty much on time.

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overcast 16 °C

Arrived at our hotel - NH Tropen at 2.30pm local time.
Spent the afternoon testing out the tram system and wandering the streets. The streets are busy with many tourists. Walked along the red light district, many odd sorts posing in the. Doorway, young, old and all shapes n sizes?, We also witness a man enquiring and being excepted, interesting to see how it is done so casually.

Had a couple of drinks in a bar with lovely outdoor setting, but needed to move indoors cause it is quite cool here tonight. Dutch summer and it's only16c during the day. Sue is not sure about all these mad Dutch people tearing about on their pushbikes, while talking on their mobile and/or leading a dog.

Will explore more tomorrow

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Bangkok 5.30am

Arrived in Bangkok for fuel stop,we got off for a walk. Next stop Diubai just another 7 hours to go! Plane travel so far has been Ok Sitting in airport lounges is very entertaining observing the different folk. I am outstanded how many people travel with babies young children on such long trips!
Service n food on Emirates has been very good so far! Lots of movies to watch n plenty log games or you can just watch the flight path!

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